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About Space Travel Notes February 6, 2012

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A great idea I belive! The Space Travel Notes is a blog gathering travelling notes which varies from usual travel informations and suggestions to more sophisticated notes like ideas, impressions, thoughts of multiple travellers so this may vary from how a specific picture has been taken, the history of a place or statue,

If you need an inspirations, if you are just curious, this is such a great and romantic way of seeing travel related things. SpaceTravelNotes blog is therefore an unique blog of this kind, not only a travel blog but I would say an immense inspiration for all those interested people looking for and idea, or just curious to see other people thoughts.


Colours of Acireale – Sicily August 17, 2011

Sicily is the land of perfumes, flavours and colours, unique for its great cultivations, the result of favourable environmental conditions with a variety of different microclimates and altitudes. Acireale, set between the south-eastern side of Mount Etna and the Ionian coast, perfectly represents with its landscape the colours of the Mediterranean island: the dark color of the lava stone, the deep blue sea and the bright colors of citrus fruits that characterize this area, thanks to which it is called “Coast of the Lemons.” Along these cultivations, through a thick network of narrow streets surrounded by ancient lava stone walls, it is possible to walk along the coastal area of this beautiful baroque town, ranging from the ancient Greek port of Capo Mulini up to Pozzillo, known for its sparkling water source, passing through the villages of Santa Caterina, home of the modern termal baths, Santa Maria la Scala, Santa Tecla and Stazzo.
One of the most spectacular and picturesque part of the coast of Acireale is the one called “Timpa”, an escarpment raising up to reach 120 meters high, consisting of beds of lava stone overlapped in thousands of years; walkable through natural paths, in 1999 it was declared “natural reserve” for its high geological, faunal and vegetative value.
The costal area of Acireale offers many activities: in addition to the mentioned nature trails, it is a paradise for lovers of fishing, diving and for the curious snorkelers.
Finally, for fans of mythology, the history of Acireale is full of great legends: the greek myth of the two lovers “Aci and Galatea”, explaining the presence of sweet water sources in the area, and the myth of Polyphemus and its anger against Ulysses, which gives the area the name of “Coast of the Cyclops”.

Info by Angela Papale


Summer Carnival of Acireale August 9, 2011

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Every year Acireale colours its summertime with the magical atmosphere of the carnival.
An event that has warmed for many winters the hearts of all those who let themselves be conquered by this show.
The peculiarity that distinguishes the carnival of Acireale above the others is the presence of flowered floats, unique on the whole Italian territory, entirely made up of flower petals, which hide inside mechanisms and lights.
These precious creations come along with the famous grotesque papier-mache floats, absolute protagonists of the carnival show, and together they parade along the streets of the city, which is enlightened with a series of shows and music.
Another aspect that contributes to the success of this event is certainly the presence of an open circuit which allows everyone to participate without worrying about the presence of any boundary.
Just to live again all this magic, the carnival show is not limited to being a reality in winter: thus, this summer our artisans are showing once again their workmanship, delighting visitors with their masterpieces, returning on the streets of the city of Acireale till the 28th of August.

More details on


Hints for cheap holiday deals April 18, 2011

These days it can seem difficult to speak about holidays. With worldwide economic difficulties and recent catastrophes such as the Japanese earthquake, thinking about taking a vacation is not top of the list of concerns for many people.

Nevertheless, it’s always important that we make some time for ourselves – it is necessary to “recharge batteries”, and generally speaking to take care of ourselves and the people that we love.

Whatever’s going on in the world, or in your own life, a holiday is always a great way to unwind and get away from it all.

There are many places and destinations in which you can have a memorable holiday experience whilst making great savings. Greece, for example, or the truly fascinating Turkey, are great holiday destinations that won’t break the bank.

In order to find the perfect holiday for you at a price you can afford, the secret is to find the best tool to search for cheap holiday deals. With any website you may find, make sure that it is clear and easy to navigate, and obviously that it has a decent selection of offers to choose from. Being able to compare all the options using one resource instead of hundreds will save you a great deal of time and effort.


Agriturismo in Tuscany a life experience September 28, 2010

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Agriturismo (literally farmhouses), are surely the most interesting,
fascinating and comfortable way to spend holidays especially in the
Country side (but not only).

From this point of view probably the most attractive and famous areas
where to experience life in an Agriturismo are the region of Tuscany
and Umbria, where farm life, original products such as vegetables,
extra virgin olive oil, wines but also cheese and meat makes your stay really unforgettable.
In the Farmhouses also, it is often possible to do many open air
activities like trekking, mountain biking, horse riding and many others
that it is almost impossible to mention all.

In any case every single property has its own characteristic and
therefore it is necessary to have support when we need to make our
choice. I have discovered a great great resource that covers all
Italy, even if it’s mainly focused on Tuscany Agriturismo;
in its website you can search property by destination (regions
of Italy) or simply by type of accommodation.

As previously said, Tuscany is the area with most offer, however don’t forget other destinations.

Try a new experience, Agriturismo in Italy is something that will be
unforgettable !


Garda Lake and its accommodations August 5, 2010

The Garda lake is a major attraction, is a very vast area and offers lots of different types of accommodations.
Generally speaking, being such a large area that covers different climate, cities, regions and so on, there is a huge possibility to find accommodation, but coming to this matter, it can be very difficult to make your decision.

Hotel is probably, generally speaking a good decision, but there are surely a great amount of alternatives not to be ignored…

A good alternative is to choose a bed & breakfast or an agriturismo . All the best offer you can find it in . This useful website, includes informations on the garda lake, events, some touristic information, but it is especially focused on any kind of accommodation, also separated by destination.


Trentino and its Hotels August 3, 2010

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The Trentino region has a great touristic organization, any time during the year, million of tourists (Italians and foregners) visit the most famous places, Val di Fassa, Val Badia, Val di Fiemme, Val Rendena, Val di Sole, Val Senales, just to mention a few.

Trentino is surely a ski destination, places above mentioned but surely not only those, are probably among the best places in Europe to practice mountain ski, however we don’t have to forget all the activites in summer.. mountain bike, excursions and why not? Relax.

How to experience all that? For sure you will need an accommodation, or an hotel, and to make your choice I suggest a “tool” where to find your hotel easily and confortably!




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